About – The Vibe

The Vibe was born as a women owned brand that redefines leather clothing, whose aim is to convey an ideal of confident, independent and proud femininity. The bold designs allow you to take ownership of your personality and image, expressing them freely in their full meaning. Audacity, positivity and self-love are the strengths.

We are an all-women team that creates clothes for other women. Our goal is to create clothes that are timeless and high quality, that make you feel at your best and allow you to buy better and fewer.


By redefining leather clothing we want to convey that real leather is in fact sustainable: it is a "waste" from the food industry which, if not used, should be thrown away and disposed of, causing damage to our planet. Additionally, a genuine leather product has greater durability, comfort and quality than other synthetic alternatives, making it a luxury staple in your wardrobe for many years. The 100% Made in Italy design and workmanship allow us to verify that each step of creation respects the environment and provides the right working conditions to all collaborators at each stage. Production takes place consciously to avoid any type of waste.
The packaging is in turn designed with sustainability in mind: a fabric bag that can be reused in many ways inside an eco-sustainable cardboard box that can be either used again or easily recycled. Shipping takes place via Shopify Planet, i.e. zero impact, neutralizing transport emissions.